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Tell Universal Hole your searches for each item (or services), let it find it for you, tell it your offers and let it automatically attract customers to your business and it can sell.

Search for products, simple, fast and easy, as if you wrote in an instant messaging app, all in one place to save your time.

Your offers, fast, easy and simple, let the Universal Hole app automatically attract customers to your products and manage to sell, all in one place.

Remember that offers and product searches are not limited, always thinking of saving your time, without extensive forms, easily to attract, without uploading photos.

Be your own advertiser, attracting customers has never been easier, from your cell phone, selling near you, anywhere and anytime.

The application allows you to be a premium advertiser from the first day, with a good price for your customers, close to you, easy shopping, from the device, directly between neighbors.


• Your Offers in seconds, saving your time is important, receive your customers and finalize the sale.
• Results near you, easily to find and immediate answers.
• Free, Easy, Simple, Fast from the application, attract customers with a good price.
• Free search for each item among neighbors, wherever you are, easily find with location.
• No registration immediately free for mobile.
• Like a chat.
• 100% anonymous, between neighbors, anytime, anywhere, anytime, secure platform.
• No advertising, free to buy and free to sell.
• Good price, each item directly from the device.
• Be yourself an advertiser, attracting customers has never been simple, the sales cycle is shortened.
• To save money at any time.
• You can post to save money directly on the platform, free to save.
• Attract wherever you are anytime, anywhere, anytime from your device.
• Publish in real time without compromising your location, sell like a seller, to attract.
• Receive queries in real time, it has never been easier.

Some examples that can help you use the application:

1. I need to buy a pizza now and I don't know where there is a business nearby. Simply, from your mobile, search for "pizza" and let the Universal Hole app find it for you, incidentally, find discounts and benefits. It has never been so easy.

2. I need to know where to buy my next cell phone, simple, search for "cell phone" and let Universal Hole find it for you, also find discounts and benefits.

3. I have a shoe business, I would like to offer a 2x1 in the last line of high boots, very simple, write "2x1 in high boots" and press "Offer". Let Universal Hole start offering your product automatically.

4. I have a small vegetable and fruit business, the apple at a 30% discount for today. More than simple, write "apple 30% discount" and press "Offer", simple, fast, Universal Hole does it for you, to attract your next customer.

5. Your neighbors do not know about you, you have clothes to sell, simply from your mobile you can, in a simple way, sell clothes, safely and in real time, your neighbors can simply make the sale.

Important clarification: This is a discovery tool, it is not an ecommerce, nor can it be used to buy products or services, it gives you the possibility to find the one that offers (with its location) and then buy or sell directly with it, everything what you need with discounts and benefits.

Your Review helps us, feel free to evaluate our app and receive our thanks.

If you need help contact on twitter @NujoSystems, we will be happy to help you.

The Universal Hole team



TV-14 - Over 14 years old

PUBLICATION: 2017/10/11
UPGRADE: 2017/10/11


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