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We know how much it costs us today to go to the supermarket and find the best prices.

In the OnPrice tab get the list of supermarkets and products to buy to save a lot of money, you do not have to worry about going to see each supermarket, but the list is presented automatically and by supermarket to make the purchase.

You can go to the supermarket and save up to 40% on the purchase with Onprice

What is Onprice ?, is the first social tool that updates automatically as you consult prices in a supermarket or store.

How ???, you when you go to the supermarket, you are consulting the prices and you are indicating how much goes out in this one.

The system takes that price and shares it with the community, the same with the other Onprices that are in other supermarkets.

*** HOW TO USE IT ***

1. Go to the supermarket.

2. Enter the price of the PRODUCT you want to consult (IT IS THE PRICE IN THE GONDOLA)

3. Find the barcode and capture it in the box on the screen with the camera.

4. You will be able to see if there is another or better prices in another supermarket or store.

5. Indicate if you carry that product.

It's that simple, that fast.

We know that your money will perform better for your savings when you can decide to buy at the best prices, your profit increases.

Unfortunately the effort of comparing and finding offers and discounts, benefit coupons is a huge job, let Onprice technology decide and your product savings will be superior.

Try Onprice, you are going to find the best ally to save money on your products.

Nowadays you are going to listen to money saving programs with benefits on your products such as clear prices, careful prices. But these are about a small part of the products that are in the supermarket / super with offers and discounts.

Take advantage of your community's online information to find real savings and don't rely so much on discount coupons.

Let OnPrice search the main supermarkets / super how to be carrefour, dia, coto, disco, jumbo, vital, chinese and start saving shopping.

*** FEATURES ***

1. Share products and prices online at the supermarket where you are.

2. That saving in a product that costs so much you can save it for later when you go to the supermarket you really save.

3. Exclusive Discount List Onprice of your community so that you are always up to date with the best prices on the second.

4. Report pricing errors and help improve the Onprice community.

5. If a price seems excellent to you, you can give it a heart, so that it can be shown in more Onprice of the community.

6. Share the screen you are seeing with your friends via whatsapp, messenger, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.

We are in Argentina in: Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, CABA, Greater Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Olivos, Sarandí, José C. Paz, Villa Martelli, Temperley, Lomas de Zamora, Berazategui, Béccar, Remedios de Escalada, Tortuguitas, Luján , Villa Maipú, Lomas del Mirador, Don Torcuato, Belén de Escobar, Benavidez, Tigre, Wilde, Florida Oeste, Florida, La Plata, Villa Ballester, Quilmes, Ramos Mejía, Victoria, Haedo, Vicente López, Lanús Oeste, Villa Lynch, Martínez, Boulogne, San Miguel, Ciudadela, Campana, Gregorio de Laferrere, Lanús Este, Villa Dominico, Pilar Centro, Los Polvorines, Munro, Avellaneda, San Isidro, Caseros, Morón, Hurlingham, Villa Adelina, Villa Fiorito, El Talar, Moreno , La Tablada, Isidro Casanova, José León Suárez, Castelar, Ituzaingó, Banfield, Carapachay, Tapiales, Florencio Varela, San Justo, General San Martin, Santos Lugares, San Andres, Bella Vista, El Palomar, San Fernando, Gerli.

We thank you for installing this application.

The team



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PUBLICATION: 2019/04/15
UPGRADE: 2020/01/05


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